NX provides complete CAM software solutions for programming machine tools, for post-processing and machining simulation.

 The NX functions across all modules ensure that your investments in the latest machine tool technology are certain to pay off.

 NX CAM provides a wide range of functions that extend from simple NC programming through to high-speed and multi-axis machining.

 This allows you to complete a multitude of tasks using a single system. Its outstanding flexibility makes it easy to perform even the most demanding tasks.


  Introduction About NX CAM

  Graphical User Interface

  Manufacturing in NX

  Facing Mill Operation

  Planar Milling Operation-1

  Planar Milling Operation-2

  Planar Milling Operation-3

  Planar Milling Operation-4

  Contour Milling Operation-1

  Contour Milling Operation-2

  Z Level Milling Operation

  Surface Contour Milling Operation-1

  Surface Contour Milling Operation-2

  Surface Contour Milling Operation-3

  Radial Cut Operation

  Drilling Operation-1

  Drilling Operation-2

  Drilling Operation-3

  Turning Operation-1

  Turning Operation-2

  Turning Drill Operation-1

  Turning Drill Operation-2

  Turning Drill Operation-3

  Turning Drill Operation-4

  Turning Drill Operation-5

  Multi Axis Operation -1

  Multi Axis Operation -2


100 Hours


Student Projects


Caddschool Certification

Caddschool Certification

International Certification

Course Eligibility

A student of B. E, B. Tech and Diploma in Civil/Mechanical/Production/Automobile departments – current studying and passed out.

The students who have appeared for final year exam can also apply.

Industry professional who want to improve their software skills and job upgradation.

Course Material


You can get International certification for course completion.

You can get International certification for Autodesk professional.

You can get International certification for certified user.

You can get placements in design oriented core companies.

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