ORCAD is an Engineering software that provides to establish the Electronic designs and circuits implementation through simulation.

 Once circuits are completing, the designs and Reports details, Bill of Materials are established in TEXT file, VHDL file, VERILOG file,

 Users may specify a values-based simulation, waveform simulation and logic-based circuit combinations.

 Basic or advanced systems under the analog and digital circuits through electronic component can be achieved.

 Using net group and net list formation of designs can acquire a simulation and layout designs for PCB designs.

 Using the DRC and Footprint, Back annotations we can configure the layout of PCB designs easily.

 Using FPGA, compiling the databases and simulating the circuit designs in order to avoid errors in the layout of PCB.

 Psipce is a Hardware/software implementation for simulating the circuit through analysis the circuit using the Test Bench.


  Introduction about ORCAD, Pspice

  Introduction to EDA

  Introduction to HDL

  Design processing techniques

  Creating Graphics and text

  Generating Reports

  Printing and plotting

  Introduction to layout plus

  Setting up the design Constraint

  Routing the designs

  Back Annotations

  Artwork file

  PCB Etching methods


  Design Reuse for PCB editor

  PCB SI analysis

  PCB editor netlist files

  Designing for FPGA

  Database mitigation

  Configuration of simulation profile

  Partial design simulation


80 Hours


Student Projects


Caddschool Certification

Caddschool Certification

International Certification

Course Eligibility

A student of B. E, B. Tech and Diploma in Civil/Mechanical/Production/Automobile departments – current studying and passed out.

The students who have appeared for final year exam can also apply.

Industry professional who want to improve their software skills and job upgradation.

Course Material


You can get International certification for course completion.

You can get International certification for Autodesk professional.

You can get International certification for certified user.

You can get placements in design oriented core companies.

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